What is Longevity?


Longevity is defined as "long life" or "a great duration of life."


The term comes from the Latin word longaevitās. In this word, you can see how the words longus (long) and aevum (age) combine into a concept that means an individual who lives a long time.

Longevity is the science of anti-aging research and rejuvenation. 

It has experienced an unprecedented advance over recent years, particularly with the discovery that the rate of aging is controlled, at least to some extent, by genetic pathways and biochemical processes. Longevity identifies both lifestyle and pharmaceutical targets to improve the human health-span (i.e. the time we can live without any negative impact from aging.

About Longevity Investors Conference


Longevity will be one of the largest, if not the largest, investment opportunity in the decades to come.

The Longevity Investors Conference provides relevant insights into the subject, expert education, investment opportunities, excellent networking opportunities and a great setting in an exclusive location.

The conference is targeting investors from (U)HNWIs, Family Offices, VCs, Private Equity Funds, Private Banks and Asset Managers.

Sub-topics are (radical) life-extension, rejuvenation and biostasis.


Speakers 2021

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Sergey Young

Founder, Longevity Vision Fund

Sergey Young is a longevity investor and visionary with a mission to extend healthy lifespans of one billion people. To do that, Sergey founded Longevity Vision Fund to accelerate life extension technological breakthroughs and to make longevity affordable and accessible to all Sergey is on the Board of Directors of the American Federation of Aging Research (AFAR) and the Development Sponsor of AGE REVERSAL XPRIZE global competition designed to cure aging. Sergey is also a Top-100 Longevity Leader, who is transforming the world, one workplace at a time, with Longevity@Work – the first non-profit corporate longevity program of its kind.
Sergey Young has been featured as a top longevity expert and contributor on CNN, Fox News, and Forbes. As the author of books such as ‘The Science and Technology of Growing Young’ and the mastermind behind the online life extension platform SergeyYoung.com, Sergey is passionate about sharing news from the exciting world of longevity

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Dr. Brian Kennedy

Director at Centre for Healthy Longevity, National University Health System and Professor Departments of Biochemistry and Physiology, National University of Singapore

Dr. Brian Kennedy is internationally recognized for his research in the basic biology of aging and as a visionary committed to translating research discoveries into new ways of detecting, delaying, preventing and treating human aging and associated diseases. He is a Distinguished Professor in Biochemistry and Physiology at the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine at National University Singapore and serves as Director of (1) the Centre for Healthy Longevity at the National University Health System, (2) the Healthy Longevity Translational Research Program, and (3) the NUS Bia-Echo Asia Centre for Reproductive Longevity and Equality. Collectively, NUS aging research seeks to demonstrate that longevity interventions can be successfully employed in humans to extend healthspan, the disease-free and highly functional period of life. From 2010 to 2016, Dr. Kennedy was the President and CEO of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging and he maintained a professorship there through 2020. Dr. Kennedy has an adjunct appointments at the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Washington, where he was a faculty member from 2001 to 2010. In addition, Dr. Kennedy is also actively involved with a number of Biotechnology companies. In addition, Dr. Kennedy serves as a Co-Editor-In-Chief at Aging Cell.

Finally, Dr. Kennedy has a track record of interaction in China, where he was a Visiting Professor at the Aging Research Institute at Guangdong Medical College from 2009 to 2014. His Ph.D. was performed in the laboratory of Leonard Guarente at M.I.T., where he published the first paper linking Sirtuins to aging.

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Celine Halioua

Founder, Loyal

Celine is the founder and CEO of Loyal, a biotech startup developing drugs to extend dog lifespan. She is also dabble in biotech & deep-tech investing.

Before that, she was a D.Phil. student at Oxford studying the health economics of gene therapy (St Peter’s College) & Chief of Staff to Laura Deming at Longevity Fund. Celine studied neuroscience and nanobiotechnology at the University of Texas at Austin and Uppsala Universitet in Sweden. She worked in the laboratories of Dr. Evan Snyder at the Sanford Consortium of Regenerative Medicine on novel enteric neuron disease therapeutics, and of Dr. Richard Morrisett and Dr. Keith Stevenson at The University of Texas at Austin on the development of a novel fluorescent silver-nanocluster-based neuronal tracers.

She is interested in biotechnology, specifically unravelling and developing therapeutics for pathological aging. Celine is also interested in healthcare systems, specifically the application of socialized healthcare practices to the United States and the economic incentivization of preventative and curative medicine.

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James Peyer

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Cambrian Biopharma

James Peyer is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Cambrian Biopharma. He also serves as the Chairman of the Board of Sensei Biotherapeutics and board and executive roles across Cambrian’s pipeline. He has spent his entire life dedicated to the mission of finding ways of preventing people from getting diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s instead of waiting for people to get sick. James was previously Founder and Managing Partner at Apollo Ventures, the first global longevity-focused venture capital firm, investing across the US and Europe. Prior to Apollo, James was a biotech R&D specialist at the New York office of McKinsey & Company, serving major pharmaceutical clients. He earned his PhD in stem cell biology at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center as a National Science Foundation Fellow and received his B.A. with special honors from the University of Chicago.

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Maria Konovalenko

Scientist in Residence, Formic Ventures

Maria Konovalenko is a Scientist in Residence at Formic Ventures, a diversified venture capital firm that makes early stage investments in biotechnology startups focused on human longevity as well as technology startups and companies that make human lives more meaningful. Maria’s obtained her PhD in biology of aging in a joint program between University of Southern California and the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. Her research was focused on aging of stem cells in respiratory epithelium as well as the overlap between mTOR signaling and cellular senescence.

Maria has been involved in fighting aging since 2008. She is one of the organizers of the Genetics of Aging and Longevity Conference series. Maria was part of team at the science for Life Extension Foundation, a Moscow-based non-profit, since 2008 to 2016 and has been raising funding for longevity and regenerative medicine research from both government and private sources.

Maria's background is in molecular biophysics, she got both her Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Maria's goal is to make people live as long and as healthy as possible using the advances of science and technology.

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Dr. Dina Radenkovic

Co-founder & Chief Science Officer, Hooke

Dina is an academic medical doctor by background, working as an investor and entrepreneur in the field of aging. She is a General Partner at the Programmable Biology SALT Fund. She is a co-founder & Chief Science Officer Hooke, an elite longevity research clinic in London launched in partnership with Dr Eric Verdin from the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. She is also a senior scientist at the Buck Artificial Intelligence applied to the Biology of Aging Platform where they study novel biomarkers of biological aging.

Dina qualified with a dual degree in medicine and physiology from UCL Medical School, with the elective at the New England Journal of Medicine, Harvard University, awarded number one in preclinical medicine and the best overall performance in physiology BSc. She has led two projects, digital therapeutics company for women and an algorithm for cardiac MRI to major industry acquisitions. She later worked as Research Fellow at King's College London and at Harvard University. Dina did her residency at St Thomas’ Hospital in London. She has over 30 academic papers, 7 grants and over 40 scientific conference presentations. She is fluent in 5 languages and 3 programming languages.

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Dr. Wei-Wu He

Executive Chairman, Human Longevity

Dr. Wei-Wu He has been serving as Executive Chairman of Human Longevity Inc. since July 2019. Dr. He is currently the Chairman of CASI Pharmaceuticals, Inc., OriGene, Juventa, Sophonix and founder of Genetron Health; Dr. He also is the founder and General Partner of Emerging Technology Partners, LLC (ETP), a life sciences focused venture fund established since 2000.
In the earlier part of his career, Dr. He was one of the first few scientists at Human Genome Sciences, and prior to that, was a research fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital and Mayo Clinic. Dr. He is an author to more than 50 research publications and inventor of over 32 issued patents.
Dr. Wei-Wu He received his PhD in Molecular Biology from Baylor College of Medicine and received an MBA degree from the Wharton School.

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Raiany Romanni

Researcher, Harvard Medical School

Raiany Romanni is a researcher in bioethics at Harvard Medical School (HMS), where she focuses on the ethical implications of longevity research conducted in HMS labs and beyond.

Raiany has published extensively on the subject of death, with articles in philosophical journals dealing with theories from Freud to Nietzsche, and most recently, the ABC article on the ethics behind life-extending technologies, which received nearly 100,000 views in one week. For her PhD dissertation in German Philosophy, at Brown University, she is working on a non-fiction book that investigates why 21st century, secular humans insist on narrating aging as a mystical, tabooed phenomenon.

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Andrea B. Maier

Co-Director at Centre for Healthy Longevity, National University Health System; Oon Chiew Seng Professor in Medicine, Healthy Ageing and Dementia Research, National University of Singapore

Andrea Maier, a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (FRACP), graduated in Medicine (MD) 2003 from the University of Lübeck (Germany), was registered 2009 in The Netherlands as Specialist in Internal Medicine-Geriatrics and was appointed Full Professor of Gerontology at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (The Netherlands) in 2013. She was the head of Geriatrics at the Vrije Universiteit Medical Center from 2012 to 2016. From 2016 to early 2021 Professor Maier served as Divisional Director of Medicine and Community Care at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Australia, and as Professor of Medicine and Aged Care at the University of Melbourne, Australia. She continued her career at the National University of Singapore as Co-Director of the Centre for Healthy Longevity. Professor Maier’s research focuses on unraveling the mechanisms of ageing and age-related diseases. During the last 10 years she has conducted multiple international observational studies and intervention trials and has published more than 300 peer-reviewed articles, achieving an H index of 54, spearheading the significant contributions of her highly acclaimed innovative, global, multidisciplinary @Age research group. She is a frequent guest on radio and television programs to disseminate aging research and an invited member of several international academic and health policy committees. She currently is the President of The Australian and New Zealand Society for Sarcopenia and Frailty Research.

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Amutha Boominathan, Ph.D.

Group Lead, SENS Research Foundation

Amutha Boominathan is the Group Lead for the MitoSENS program at SENS Research Foundation, Mountain View, California. She received her PhD in Biochemistry from National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India. She obtained further postdoctoral training through an American Heart Association Postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania and Rutgers University, where she studied mitochondrial biogenesis, particularly protein import into mitochondria and the fusion and fission mechanisms in the organelle.
Subsequently, she joined SENS Research Foundation as a Senior Research Scientist and currently leads the mitochondria research program in developing translational therapies to combat mtDNA mutations. Using patient derived cybrids and animal models the Boominathan lab is developing gene therapy and organelle replacement strategies to alleviate age-associated mitochondrial dysfunction. Dr Boominathan is passionate about applying her expertise in the longevity field to improve health outcomes in aging and age-related diseases.

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Dr. Morten Scheibye-Knudsen

Associate professor, University of Copenhagen

For Dr Scheibye-Knudsen, associate professor, University of Copenhagen, aging is the largest risk factor for most diseases and damage to our genome is likely the cause of aging. He is focused on exploring the physiological consequences of DNA damage and what we can do to intervene in genotoxic insults. His goal is to understand, modulate, and treat aging and age-related diseases.
Morten earned his MD in 2007 from the University of Copenhagen where he also earned his DMSc (Doctor of Medical Sciences, higher doctorate) in Neurodegeneration in Accelerated Aging in 2016.
In 2008, Morten became Postdoctoral Fellow in the laboratory of Vilhelm Bohr at the National Institute on Aging, NIH, in Baltimore, Maryland. His work focused on the cross-talk between DNA repair and mitochondrial function in neurodegeneration and aging. In 2013, at NIH, he became Research Fellow and in 2015, Visiting Professor.
For six years, Morten lectured on the Biological Basis of Aging for graduate students at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.
In addition to his academic activities Morten manages his companies Forsoegsperson.dk and Mitodb.com, is a board member at the Longevity Vision Fund and Molecule Protocols, and serves as Chief Editor at Frontiers Media.

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Prof. Dr. Collin Y. Ewald

Assistant Professor, ETH Zürich & Head of the Extracellular Matrix Regeneration Laboratory
Institute for Translational Medicine & Scientific Advisor, Maximon

Collin has a longstanding interest in the molecular biology of healthy aging and age-related pathologies. He has more than 15 years of experience in drug discovery and high-throughput screening promoting lifespan extension. He is the founder and currently the president of the Swiss Society for Aging Research (www.ssfar.ch). He has received multiple awards, including NYAS Future Entrepreneur recognized by the New York Academy of Sciences, and is named under the top 1000 Longevity Leaders world-wide and the top 15 Longevity Influencers in Switzerland.

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Prof. Evelyne Yehudit Bischof, MD, MPH, FEFIM, FMH

Associate professor, internal medicine specialist, Longevity physician at Human Longevity Inc.

Prof. Evelyne Bischof is a chief physician associate of internal medicine at University Hospital Renji of Jiaotong University Shanghai and concierge longevity physician for executive longevity patients.Currently she is also affiliated with the International Center for Multimorbidity and Complexity in Medicine (ICMC), Universität Zürich, and was prev. senior physician of internal medicine at the University Hospital Basel. She is a Swiss board certified (FMH) trained in Europe, USA and China (Harvard Medical School affiliated hospitals (Mass General Hospital, Beth Israel MD, Dana Farber Institute) and Columbia University NYC; Tongji University hospitals, Shanghai and University Hospitals of Zurich and Basel (Switzerland).Her research focus is oncology and longevity medicine, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital health, precision medicine, biogerontology, and geronto-oncology. She published over80 peer-reviewed papers, is frequent speaker at scientific and medical conferences in Asia and Europe. Long term member of various medical societies, e.g. European Federation of Internal Medicine, World Academy of Medical Sciences, Swiss Society of Internal Medicine etc. Evelyne spent a decade practicing medicine, lecturing at medical schools and performing clinical and translational research in New York, Shanghai and Basel, with extensive experience in scientific research and clinical practice at the following well-known and highly reputable institutions: University Hospital of Basel, Fudan Cancer Institute and Hospital; Zhongshan Hospital, Renji Hospital and Shanghai East Hospital. She sits on several scientificand advisory boards of biotech and longevity hubs.

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Patrick Burgermeister

Partner, Kizoo

Patrick Burgermeister is an expert in life science investing with a double background in molecular biology (Biozentrum Basel) and business administration (HSG Sankt Gallen). He joined Kizoo in 2019 coming from the venture capital group BioMedPartners where he was one of the partners. Moreover, his industry career encompasses also banking (as a senior analyst for pharma/biotech) and pharma (as a senior portfolio manager at Novartis).
Patrick supports various biotech companies as a director on their boards, was a successful business developer for early-stage biotech companies and led collaboration and licensing deals with public and private companies. He headed business development at several companies including Apeiron Biologics and BioVersys.

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Pam R. Taub, MD, FACC, FAPSC

Professor of Medicine,
University of California San Diego School of Medicine &
Founding Director of the Step Family Foundation Cardiac Rehabilitation and Wellness Center

Pam Taub, MD is a board-certified cardiologist and founding director of the Step Family Foundation Cardiac Rehabilitation and Wellness Center at UC San Diego. Dr. Taub was responsible for all aspects of creating the center, which provides a comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation program for patients with established heart disease.
Her clinical practice focuses on preventive cardiology, lipidology, as well as women's cardiovascular health. She has extensive clinical trial experience and is active in clinical and translational research. Her research focuses on assessing the impact of behavioral, technological, and pharmacological interventions on cardiometabolic disease. Dr. Taub's is a federally funded researcher with funding from: the National Institutes of Health (Principal Investigator on R01 grant), Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and American Heart Association.

Dr. Taub is widely published (with over 100 publications) and has authored high impact publications in top peer-reviewed journals including Cell Metabolism and the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

Dr. Taub holds multiple leadership positions in professional societies, serving as a fellow and board member for the American Society of Preventive Cardiology. She is a fellow and member of the American College of Cardiology Prevention of CV Disease Section Leadership Council. She also serves on American Heart Association Council on Clinical Cardiology (Women in Cardiology Committee).

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Sebastian Wahl

CEO, mybacs

Sebastian is the founder and CEO of mybacs, a swiss microbiome startup.

Together with his co-founder Carl Philipp von Polheim, he started the company back in 2018 and has since raised multiple funding rounds with Global Founders Capital and Joyance Partners. The company focuses on the relationship between the human gut microbiome and its major influence on a variety of organs and bodily functions. The microbiome serves as an emerging key player in aging and longevity.

He holds a Masters Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH). After this he worked in strategy consulting, venture capital and the pharmaceutical startup space.

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Dr. Michael A. Smith

Director of Education and Spokesperson, Life Extension

Dr. Michael A. Smith received his medical doctorate from the University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center. Dr. Smith practiced Internal Medicine and Radiology in Dallas, Texas in the early 2000s and then transitioned to the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries as an educator and consultant. Dr. Smith currently is the Director of Education and Spokesperson for Life Extension® and is the author of The Supplement Pyramid: How to Build your Personalized Nutritional Regimen.. He is also the host of Live FOREVERish, a podcast and Facebook live show for Life Extension®.

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Phil Newman

Founder, First Longevity, Editor-in-Chief Longevity.Technology

As Editor-in-Chief of www.Longevity.Technology Phil oversees daily news and market research to address the crossover between longevity science and investment. This news platform has fast become the #1 for daily news and insights.

As founder of First Longevity (which owns www.Longevity.Technology) Phil and his team help to prepare longevity science and technology businesses for equity funding ahead of introducing deals to, and syndicating deals among, VCs, family offices, and HNWs.

Prior to focusing exclusively on longevity, Phil has applied his marketing and business development expertise at c-level into: IoT; AI; Medical Devices; Biopharma; 3D Manufacturing; Smartgrid and Sustainability markets.

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Sophie Chabloz

Chief Product Officer, AVEA

Sophie holds an MSc in Food Science, Nutrition & Health from ETH Zürich, where she investigated potential anti-aging molecules on human cells. With many years of experience in product innovation, development, and commercialization, she combines a scientific background with industry knowledge from one of the biggest FMCG companies and the entrepreneurial mindset from a previous startup experience. She has a passion for functional ingredients and is committed to bringing innovative products that help people achieve optimal health and wellbeing to the market.

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Sabinije Von Gaffke


Sabinije von Gaffke is an internationally praised and awarded Moderator, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Impact Diplomat at the intersection of Tech, Leadership, Sustainability, Health, Science and Human Potential.
She has interviewed everyone from thought leaders, top politicians, CEOs, tech profiles, successful entrepreneurs to philanthropists and shared the stage with some of the world’s leading brands, companies, institutions and foundations.

Insatiably curious, a visionary, a catalyst and game-changer. Sabinije is also a passionate longevity seeker, mindfulness meditator, yoga teacher training certified and a wizard of a communicator and connector who skillfully facilitates and bridges dialogue between leaders, stakeholders, corporates, science, academia, governance and cross-industries.
As driven entrepreneur, she has gathered her experience and expertise and founded IMPACTFULNESS Ventures, an ecosystem partnering with innovative, sustainable and purpose-driven ventures addressing the SDGs.

Board member of Humain Foundation, Ambassador of She Index powered EY (a gender equality index) and Board member of Vital Voices Europe. Leadership Council. 
Trained in 2019 at Singularity University ‘Executive Leadership Program’  in Silicon Valley in how to use exponential technologies to create scalable solutions to the global grand challenges of our time. Today she co-hosts the Singularity Chapter in Sweden.

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Marc P. Bernegger

Host, Longevity Investors Conference

Marc is a serial entrepreneur who co-founded the party platform usgang.ch in his 20s (trade sale to Axel Springer Media). He is also a co-founder of amiando, a ticketing platform, which was purchased by Xing and was named “Global Technology Pioneer” by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

After these two exits Marc has been active as a fintech investor (Partner of NextGFI, Venture Partner of Orange Growth Capital, Advisory Board of FinLeap, ...) and he explored Bitcoin in 2012.

Marc is a founding partner of the longevity company builder Maximon, a board member of Crypto Finance Group and CfC St. Moritz and part of the expert network for blockchain and digital economy of the WEF.

Marc holds a master’s degree in law from the University of Zurich and did the Executive Program at Singularity University.

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Dr. Tobias Reichmuth

Host, Longevity Investors Conference

Tobias Reichmuth is a serial entrepreneur and investor. Since 2019 he takes part in “Höhle der Löwen”, the Swiss version of the TV investor show “Shark-Tank”. He has invested in various tech start-ups, where he also holds advisory or board mandates. 
In 2009 he has founded SUSI Partners, a EUR 1.5bn infrastructure fund manager with a focus on fighting climate change, after several years of strategy consulting experience at The Boston Consulting Group and after having sold his first company. 

Tobias is a founding partner of the longevity company builder Maximon. He has also co-founded The Singularity Group, a Swiss/Luxembourg based fund-manager with a focus on exponential technology used in all sectors, as well as Crypto Finance Group, the leading institutional cryptocurrency service and infrastructure provider and asset manager. He is also the initiator and president of CFC St. Moritz, the world’s most exclusive blockchain and digital money investor conference.
Tobias has studied at the University of St. Gallen (lic. oec. HSG / MIM CEMS) and the European Business School in Oestrich-Winkel (Dr. rer. pol.) and has graduated from Singularity University’s executive program in 2016. Tobias plans to reach the age of 120 (at least) and is on a vegan diet since the end of 2019.


Agenda 2021

3.00 pm - 3.05 pm

Welcome adress

Marc P. Bernegger & Dr. Tobias Reichmuth

3.05 pm - 3.20 pm

Aging is a major cause of suffering in our century: Should we engineer ourselves out of it?

Raiany Romanni

3.20 pm - 3.45 pm

Where do we stand in research?

Dr. Brian Kennedy & Amutha Boominathan Ph.D.

Moderator: Sabinije Von Gaffke

3.45 pm - 4.05 pm

How to reach personalized longevity?

Dr. Morten Scheibye-Knudsen

4.05 pm - 4.10 pm

Transition: Access only for paid ticket holders (VIP)


4.10 pm - 4.20 pm

Overview: Investing activities

Phil Newman

4.20 pm - 4.55 pm

How to invest in longevity start-ups

Longevity investors: Maria Konovalenko, Dr. Dina Radenkovic & Patrick Burgermeister

Moderator: Phil Newman

4.55 pm - 5.10 pm

Extending your dog's lifespan

Celine Halioua

5.10 pm - 5.35 pm

Supplements: What should I be taking today?

Sophie Chabloz, Sebastian Wahl, Dr. Michael Smith & Prof. Dr. Collin Y. Ewald

Moderator: Sophie Chabloz

5.35 pm - 5.55 pm

Longevity medicine - Uniting clinic, gerosciences and AI

Prof. Evelyne Yehudit Bischof, Pam R. Taub & Prof. Andrea Maier

Moderator: Prof. Evelyne Yehudit Bischof

5.55 pm - 6.30 pm

How to use the big money available to boost longevity research

Longevity investors: Dr. Wei-Wu He, Sergey Young & James Peyer

Moderator: Sabinije Von Gaffke

6.30 pm - 6.35 pm


Dr. Tobias Reichmuth & Marc P. Bernegger

6.35 pm - 7.00 pm

Virtual Networking

Post-conference summary

It was a pleasure to welcome all of the participants to the Longevity Investors Conference! We hope that you enjoyed this experience.

For those who could not join or would like to learn more about this fascinating subject, which is longevity, we are preparing a video. 

It will include the exclusive VIP part of the conference, covering topics of "How to invest in longevity?", "How can you achieve longevity?", "Is society ready for longevity?" and "Biostasis".


If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.





The Venue

Due to the COVID-19 situation the Longevity Investors Conference 2021 will take place via zoom.

Longevity Investors Conference 2022 is again planned to take place in the beautiful ski resort St. Moritz (Switzerland).


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