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Anastasia Drinevskaya

Chief Marketing Officer, Match Labs


Anastasia Drinevskaya, with her rich background as the former creative director and CEO of Cointelegraph Communications, has become an influential voice in the realms of blockchain, NFTs, and the metaverse, highly sought after for her consulting expertise and speaking engagements.

In her current role as the Chief Marketing Officer of Match Chain, Anastasia is at the forefront of shaping the marketing strategies for this pioneering Web3 company. Match Chain, known for its interoperability and EVM compatibility, is a Layer 1 blockchain designed with the user in mind. It champions privacy and data control as fundamental human rights, facilitating cross-blockchain connections. This allows developers to craft DApps that are both composable and respectful of user data sovereignty. Match Chain's ambition is to craft a user-centric social graph, laying the groundwork for the next wave of the decentralized internet.

Anastasia's influence extends well beyond the marketing realm. She stands as a visionary leader, inspiring the Web3 community and guiding the industry toward a future that is both inclusive and rich in innovation.

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