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Dr. Emil Kendziorra

Founder and CEO at Tomorrow Biostasis


Dr. Emil Kendziorra is a founder and CEO at Tomorrow Bio and President of the Board at the European Biostasis Foundation, a non-profit research foundation and institute in Switzerland. He has been leading multiple tech and medical companies, most recently as Founder and CEO of Medlanes (Exit to ZAVA) and onFeedback (Exit to QuestionPro).
Prior to his career in entrepreneurship, Emil graduated summa cum laude in medicine from University Medical Center Göttingen - one of the leading medical schools in Germany - with a doctoral degree in translational cancer research. He’s a regular keynote speaker on future of healthcare, the overlap of healthcare, science and technology as well as a mentor to tech startups and an early stage angel investor. Emil has decided to dedicate the next decades of this life to Medical Biostasis and cryomedicine.

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