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Sophie Chabloz

Co-Founder and CPO, AVEA


Sophie has received an MSc in Food Science, Nutrition & Health from ETH Zurich. She combined this strong scientific background, years of industry knowledge working at a leading FMCG company, and her entrepreneurial mindset to co-found Avea. Her goal is to bring innovative and effective supplements with a focus on ingredient synergies to the market.

Sophie’s passion for helping people achieve optimal health and well-being is what makes her thrive in her role as Chief Product Officer of Avea. Her personal interest in longevity began as she researched specific anti-ageing molecules during her studies and has since been on an active search to optimize her and her loved ones health and wellness routines.

Her scientific background and interest in health supplements and rituals allow Sophie to do the necessary scientific research while maintaining a consumer-focused approach when creating Avea’s unique formulations.

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