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Dr. Alex Colville

Dr. Alex Colville

Cofounder & General Partner, age1

Dr. Alex Colville is a General Partner at the Longevity Fund, the first longevity-focused VC fund founded in 2011 by Laura Deming (5 IPOs). Alex is an advisor and previously served as founding Chief of Staff of the Amaranth Foundation, a family office dedicated to advancing interventions to extend healthy human lifespan where he led investments into over 20 companies and supported philanthropic initiatives including AFAR and the TIME Initiative.

Prior to working for family offices, Alex received a PhD in genetics at Stanford University studying rejuvenation and the biology of aging in Tom Rando's lab. During his PhD he consulted for the business development group at Maze Therapeutics and the scientific team at Rubedo Life Sciences. Previously, he was an Associate Consultant at Putnam Associates, a boutique management consulting firm serving pharma.

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