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Ella Davar RD

Ella Davar RD

Founder of Gut-Brain Method

Ella Davar RD is a Longevity Dietitian, Global Wellness Advocate, Founder of the Gut-Brain Method, and Author of "You-tarian diet™: Unlock your unique bio-individuality for future longevity."

After over a decade in nutrition field and captivating audiences as a TEDx speaker to pioneering the revolutionary Gut-Brain-Method, Ella's signatie program designed for health optimization with integrative anti-aging nutrition protocol, gut microbiome interventions and mindfulness techniques to help people across the globe manage weight, stress, diet, improve digestion, and develop new habits for higher chances of longevity.

Before embarking on her current ventures, Ella served as the esteemed Health Educator for The Familia Project at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC, where she pioneered workshops on microbiome nutrition and heart health. Her holistic, scientific, and engaging approach ensured that her presentations transcended mere information dissemination, leaving a lasting impact on all attendees.

Ella received her education in Nutrition Science from New York University in Manhattan NY, and an Integrative Nutrition Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Her book, "You-tarian diet™: Unlock your unique bio-individuality for future longevity", offers a glimpse at what the future of the wellness field looks like and offers a list of priorities, plans of action, tools, and hacks that help her clients create their diet rules that fit their lifestyle.

She's also an undisputed authority in crafting life-altering wellness programs for HNWI and luxury destinations. Her expertise extends to curating bespoke wellness retreats for esteemed clients such as Amrit in West Palm Beach, Carillon Luxury Resort, Chenot in Switzerland, and Faena Miami Beach, setting amazing standards in transformative wellness experiences.

With over 200 published articles and appearances on 50+ national TV segments across major networks like ABC, CBS, and NBC, she has cemented her status as a trusted voice in the global wellness community. Moreover, her contributions to esteemed platforms such as, Forbes, and Women's Health Magazine underscores her unwavering commitment to sharing invaluable knowledge with diverse audiences.

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