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Kayla Barnes

Kayla Barnes

CEO + Partner of LYV Wellness, Co-Founder of The Health Optimization Fund

Kayla is the CEO and Co-Owner of LYV The Wellness Space, one of the country’s most innovative precision medicine and biology upgrading clinics. Kayla is also the creator and host of the Brain Biohacking Podcast and co-founder of the Health Optimization Fund.

With an unwavering commitment spanning over a decade, Kayla has dedicated herself to the pursuit of preventive and regenerative methodologies aimed at optimizing human health. Most recently Kayla released the first ever comprehensive female data set along with her own protocol for female health and longevity optimization.

Her endeavors have garnered recognition from notable publications and she has been named a top longevity leader globally.

Kayla is certified by the Amen Clinics (Brain Health) and IIN (Integrative Nutrition).

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