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Yuta Lee

Yuta Lee

Founder and CEO, Accelerated Biosciences Corp.

Yuta is the founder and CEO of Accelerated Bio, a regenerative medicine
company based in Philadelphia commercializing the human Trophoblast
Stem Cell (hTSC). hTSCs are the earliest pre-implantation, pre-placental
cells that can be sourced ethically from an ectopic pregnancy. These naïve
cells can scale to 85 population doublings with natural immune privilege,
making them the most ideal starting cell source for allogeneic cell & gene
therapies. The hTSC platform has been awarded 49 patents, providing
freedom-to-operate for partners looking for a clear pathway to
Yuta is passionate about accelerating cell & gene therapies to advance
healthy longevity. Accelerated Bio’s pipeline includes Parkinson’s Disease,
Type 1 Diabetes, as well as Cell Senescence for longevity.
Yuta has dual B.A. degrees in economics and legal studies from the
University of California, Berkeley. Yuta earned his MBA in 2009 from China
Europe International Business School (CEIBS) in Shanghai, China and
graduated with the Outstanding Graduate of the Year Award.

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