Speakers 2022

Charles Brenner is a biochemist and leading expert on nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD), the central catalyst of metabolism. He discovered the nicotinamide riboside (NR) kinase pathway and the technologies that led to development of NR as an NAD-booster. He also developed quantitative targeted NAD metabolomics, which allowed him and others to determine that the NAD system is disturbed in a wide variety of diseases and conditions of metabolic stress including obesity, alcoholism, time zone disruption, DNA damage, reactive oxygen species stress, noise-induced hearing loss, central and peripheral neurodegeneration, infection and inflammation, heart failure, postpartum, and some malignancies. Dr. Brenner’s work has led to more than 50 registered clinical trials for NR and global interest in NR for healthy aging. 

Dr. Brenner is the winner of numerous awards in biochemistry and nutrition science. In addition to running a highly productive research group at City of Hope, he serves as chief scientific advisor for ChromaDex and Juvenis and as a co-founder of Alphina Therapeutics.

Charles Brenner

Alfred E Mann Family Foundation Chair of Diabetes & Cancer Metabolism, Beckman Research Institute of City of Hope

Sebastian has more than 10 years of experience in the life science industry, from applied and basic research to venture capital investments and portfolio management. He joined the Apollo Health Ventures investment team as a partner in August 2022 and focuses on venture investing and company building.
Prior to that, Sebastian was an investment professional at coparion, a venture capital firm investing in young German technology startups. In this role he led the life science related investment activities at coparion. His portfolio consisted of pharmaceutical and medical technology companies in various development stages (from concept to clinic), working on different indications and exploiting diverse therapeutic entities. Before joining coparion, Sebastian started his VC career as an analyst intern at Gimv, a European investment company.
Sebastian holds a PhD in molecular biology from the International Max Planck Research School for Molecular Life Sciences (IMPRS-LS) Munich and the LMU Munich Medical Faculty.

Sebastian Pünzeler

Partner, Apollo Health Ventures

Jörg is a serial investor and entrepreneur who started his first company right after college. After only 3 years he successfully excited his first company and since then he is passionate about building companies that make an impact. Jörg established, amongst other companies, a leading European IT asset management strategy consultancy which he sold to one of the BIG4 where he then served 4 more years as global lead partner. Jörg has so far invested in more than 25 start-ups as well as midsized companies. With 9 out of 10 start-ups successful (including 2 IPOs and 1 Unicorn) Joerg has shown a good hand in building and investing in companies. He is a member of selected Advisory Boards and teaches “Entrepreneurship and Innovation” at a leading private university in Germany.

Jörg Rieker

Founding Partner, Maximon

José Luis Cordeiro Mateo is a Venezuelan-Spanish engineer, economist, futurist, and transhumanist, who has worked on areas including economic development, international relations, Latin America, the European Union, monetary policy, comparison of constitutions, energy trends, cryonics, and life extension. Books he has written include The Great Taboo, Constitutions Around the World: A Comparative View from Latin America, and (in Spanish) El Desafio Latinoamericano ("The Latin American challenge"), and La Muerte de la Muerte ("The death of death"). 

Cordeiro is an international fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS), executive director of the Ibero-American Futurists Network, Venezuela Node Chair of The Millennium Project, vice chair of Humanity Plus, and former director of the Club of Rome (Venezuela Chapter), the World Transhumanist Association, and the Extropy Institute. 

In the 2019 European Parliament election in Spain, Cordeiro ran for MEP as the candidate for the Movimiento Independiente Euro Latino, promoting the representation of Latin Americans in Spain and Europe and promoting science and research to build better societies.

José Luis Cordeiro

Director, The Millennium Project and Vicechair, Humanity Plus

Ravi Jain began his education at the University of California, Davis, and received his PhD in bioinformatics from University of California, Los Angeles. He started his career designing drugs at Ionis Pharmaceuticals, an antisense drug development company, where his efforts received 12 patents.

Ravi has a background in microbial bioinformatics and was the co-founder and President of cBio, a bioinformatics/software development consulting firm. Under his leadership, cBio was awarded ‘Top-50 San Jose Business Journal’s Fastest Growing Private Company’ in 2010, 2011 & 2012.

Other experience includes serving as Managing Director of the UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute. He then served as CSO of Hemostemix, where he ran a Phase II trial on stem cell therapeutics for vascular diseases. He concurrently serves as CEO of Domina Therapeutics, a spin-out of Dr. Evan Snyder’s SRF-supported work.

Ravi Jain

VP of Research, SENS Research Foundation

Sabinije von Gaffke is a highly experienced, esteemed and awarded international Moderator, Facilitator, Speaker, Broadcast Journalist and Communications Catalyst in the intersection of Tech, Leadership, Sustainability, Impact and Health. She has extensive experience of global summits, digital summits, virtual meetings, live studio broadcasts, public speaking and leadership workshops.

Sabinije von Gaffke uses her expertise to engage people, companies and organisations seeking to improve cross-silo synergy and align internal and external stakeholders and implement purpose-driven strategies and leadership, through workshops, leadership retreats and public speaking facilitation.

Sabinije von Gaffke

Head of Sustainability,
Nibiru Software AB

Amy Killen, MD is a leading regenerative physician with a focus on sexual optimization as a
driver for health and longevity. In her Utah-based practice she combines stem cell injections with photobiomodulation, shockwave therapy, body-identical hormones,
nutritional supplements, peptides and old-fashioned healthy lifestyle to give patients unparalleled synergistic regenerative effects for sexual systems.

Dr. Killen is also the founder and CEO of the Human Optimization Project, a
longevity-focused nutritional supplement and education platform that makes staying on
top of current trends in aging prevention easy and fun, and she is on the core team of Reputable, a decentralized science platform that incentivizes betterment experiments and aggregates N of 1 data into actionable insights.

She practiced emergency medicine for ten years before transitioning to longevity and
regenerative medicine. She now divides her time between clinical work, international
speaking engagements, educational content creation, her entrepreneurial endeavors and her family of five.

Amy Killen

Longevity and regenerative medicine physician, entrepreneur, educator

Tom has 35 years of senior management experience, primarily in the medical device industry, both early stage and public companies.  He is a well-known entrepreneur and venture capitalist and holds nearly two dozen patents.  He has founded over a dozen companies, which in total have created over $2 billion in shareholder value.  He was also the co-founder and Chairman of a top quartile venture fund, Accuitive Medical Ventures, which raised a total of $230 million across two funds, and is now fully invested. Tom is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Ponce de Leon Health (PDLH), a company with a mission to extend the length and quality of human life.  PDLH is the world leading longevity company, and the only company to have demonstrated both safety and efficacy in humans with its product. The company has launched Rejuvant, a once-a-day pill shown to reduce biologic age, as measured by DNA methylation testing.

Tom Weldon

Founder, Chairman and CEO, Ponce De Leon Health

Robin Lauber is an entrepreneur at heart and has built several successful companies across various verticals. His family office has a core focus on investing in Swiss real estate and venture capital. He is passionate about investments in breakthrough technologies and teams up with some of the best partners, founders, and investors across Europe to make bold visions a reality. Infinitas capital also manages Korify Capital, a global co-investment fund series
investing in the most exclusive venture opportunities along with tier-1 VCs.

Robin Lauber

General Partner, Korify Capital

Olga's career journey started with a nutritionist degree and led her to pursue her passion for all research and sciences related to holistic health and wellness. She joined Clinique La Prairie in 2018, focusing on fostering the innovative approach of longevity, a field that is shaped by continuous overwhelming scientific findings. She describes her mission as a challenging yet inspiring task, as well as an important responsibility. Her specific areas of expertise include weight management, detoxification approach, metabolic health, revitalization treatments and nutraceuticals. Olga explores the potential of precision medicine, nutrition and individualized plans combined with cutting-edge longevity technologies, advanced treatments, and innovative clinical approach, to continuously enhance Clinique La Prairie’s programs in collaboration with the clinic’s experts.

Olga Donica

Head of Innovation and Research in Longevity, Clinique La Prairie

Dr. Emil Kendziorra is a founder and CEO at Tomorrow Biostasis GmbH based in Berlin, Germany, and President of the Board at European Biostasis Foundation, a non-profit research foundation in Switzerland.

He has a strong background in medicine, cancer research, and entrepreneurship. He has been CEO of multiple tech and medical companies, most recently as a Founder and CEO of Medlanes (Exit to ZAVA) and onFeedback (Exit to QuestionPro).

Emil graduated summa cum laude in medicine from the University Medical Center Göttingen - one of the leading medical schools in Germany - with a doctoral degree in translational cancer research. He’s a regular keynote speaker on future of healthcare policy, the overlap of healthcare, science, and technology as well as an advisor to insurances, hospital chains, and pharmaceutical companies on digitalization topics.

Furthermore, he’s a mentor to a wide range of startups and (rarely) an early-stage angel investor. 

Emil has decided to dedicate the next decades of his life to Medical Biostasis and cryomedicine.

Emil Kendziorra

CEO and Managing Partner, Tomorrow Biostasis

Sophie has received an MSc in Food Science, Nutrition & Health from ETH Zurich. She combined this strong scientific background, years of industry knowledge working at a leading FMCG company, and her entrepreneurial mindset to co-found Avea. Her goal is to bring innovative and effective supplements with a focus on ingredient synergies to the market.

Sophie’s passion for helping people achieve optimal health and well-being is what makes her thrive in her role as Chief Product Officer of Avea. Her personal interest in longevity began as she researched specific anti-ageing molecules during her studies and has since been on an active search to optimize her and her loved ones health and wellness routines.

Her scientific background and interest in health supplements and rituals allow Sophie to do the necessary scientific research while maintaining a consumer-focused approach when creating Avea’s unique formulations.

Sophie Chabloz

Co-Founder and CPO, AVEA